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A Journey of Embracing the Present Through Love, Loss, and Life's Purpose

As I sat in the funeral director's office, a sense of déjà vu hit me. For the third consecutive year, I was here, planning a loved one's funeral. Amid the weight of grief, a thought flickered, almost mischievously: "I wonder if I could apply for a job here, guiding others through funeral arrangements.“ This dark humor on myself, while a coping mechanism, also set the stage for a deeper reflection on life, death, and the afterlife.


In Western culture, the concept of the afterlife often centers around finality and judgment, with a focus on heaven, hell, and the notion of eternal rest. This perspective can bring comfort and a certain rigidity, a definitive end to life's journey. It contrasts Eastern beliefs, where the afterlife is seen more as a continuum, a cycle of rebirth and reincarnation, reflecting a never-ending journey of the soul.


These differing views on what comes after death have subtly influenced my approach to life and loss. The Western view instilled in me the importance of making each moment count, as it might be our last. Meanwhile, the Eastern philosophy, which I've come to appreciate and practice, suggests a more fluid approach, where life and its experiences are chapters in a long, evolving story.


Both perspectives, however, converge on one crucial point: the significance of the present moment. Whether our journey is linear or cyclical, what truly matters is how we live our lives here and now. This realization struck me profoundly as I dealt with my losses as well as the anxiety around the potential losses that I may encounter in the future. It dawned on me that, regardless of what I believe happens after we pass, it is essential to live each day purposefully and with kindness, positively impacting those around us.


In my professional life as a business consultant and fitness coach, I've strived to instill this philosophy into my work. Just like in the contrasting beliefs about the afterlife, in business and fitness, the focus can vary from achieving immediate results to embracing a journey of continuous improvement. This mirrors the philosophy of living in the present while being mindful of the continuum of life.


Losing a loved one is indeed frightening, and such losses brought me face-to-face with my fears of what the future holds. But instead of being paralyzed by the fear of potential loss, I am learning to be empowered by it. This empowerment comes from understanding that, while we cannot control the future or change the past, we can influence our present. It's about making choices that prioritize what's truly important in life, today.


So, as I continue each day in the absence of the company of those who have left me, I carry with me a blend of Eastern and Western beliefs by embracing the present, cherishing each moment, and acknowledging the ongoing journey of life. I focus on using my experiences, be it in facing losses or celebrating victories, to help others. Whether it's guiding a business towards sustainable growth or helping someone find their confidence in a fitness class, the goal is to live fully in the now, learn from the past, and prepare for the future.


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